Tarryn Finkelstein Services Page WeddingsEvery wedding is unique, just as every photograph is unique. I enjoy the diversity and creativity you find in wedding photography.

I am passionate about capturing the finer details of your special day that most people tend to miss due to the rush and excitement on the day. With a mixture of photojournalistic, fine art and classical style photographs you are guaranteed that the mood and ambiance of the day will be recorded to last a lifetime.

Whether it’s printed wedding images you’re after, or a Designer Wedding Album to page through for a lifetime, It will be my pleasure to work with you in creating and keeping your precious moments alive!


Couples Sessions | Family Portraits

Tarryn Finkelstein Services Page CouplesFamilyI provide a uniquely expressive and artistic style of photography and design, each Session is designed around the specific requirements of the client. I believe in creating Memories in a comfortable environment that allows the Couple/Family to relax and reveal their true personalities to be captured. Whether in the privacy of your own home, or at a beautiful location, we will capture those precious moments between you and your loved ones.

These captured moments are not only for the enjoyment of right now, they are especially for the future, when you no longer remember what right now feels like!


Commercial Photography

Tarryn Finkelstein Services Page CommercialCommercial photography is photographic work done for commercial purposes, such as for magazine advertising, corporate publications, brochures, restaurant menus and so forth.

On a basic level, commercial photography involves a client that wants to sell or promote something for which they need photographs taken. I focus on brand awareness and try to capture images that will appeal to the public eye.

  • Functions & Events
  • Lodges and Restaurants
  • Catalogue Photography
  • Advert Photography